Quality Inspection

It is the policy of RKFL to excel in the production while providing our customers with competitive prices. Through partnerships with our customers and suppliers we are continuously improving the quality of our processes and products as we continue to strive for our goal of being a world-class company.

We are achieving the world-class status by successfully meeting our goals and completing our objectives.

Our Objectives:

Metallurgy Testing Competitiveness

  1. Metal Spectroscope
  2. Optical Microscope
  3. Microscope with Image Analyser
  4. Mecatone (T255/300)
  5. Metal Scan (2500) Spectrometer
  6. Magnaflux
  7. Impact Testing Machine
  8. Bend Testing Fixture (flexible with 17)
  9. Strolin Apparatus
  10. Fortin's Barometer
  11. Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
  12. Tensile Testing Machine

Metallography Testing Competitiveness

  1. Zeiss CMM
  2. P40 Kleinberg Gear Analyser
  3. Profile Projector
  4. Digital Height Gauge
  5. Dial Verniers
  6. Digital Micrometer
  7. Surface Roughness Tester
  8. Bench Center
  9. Air Gauge

The FaroArm's outstanding ergonomics assisted by internal counterbalance plays a vital role in RKFL's inspection. On-board diagnostics and easy-to-setup measurement routines significantly simplifies the measurement functions.

RKFL believes in advanced technical machineries that helps to determine the angles, prismatic features, distances, geometric and positional tolerances in a component.

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