Ring Rolling

State-of-the-art Ring Rolling line with Robotics which can roll crown wheels upto 500 diameter and 200mm in height.

Installed Capacity: 1.2 million pcs

State-of-the-art fully automatic Robotic line with Induction Heater having accept / reject mechanism. In reject mechanism - High and Low temperature both are available.

Job Weight & Dimensional Range:

  1. Weight : From 20 kgs to 75 kgs. (66 lbs to 154 lbs) upto 100mm height

Production Capacity:

  1. 3500 Jobs per day.
  2. 1.2 Million Jobs in a year.

Ring Rolling Facilities:

  1. CNC Raw Material Cutting - 2 Nos. from BERINGHER.
  2. Induction Heating.
  3. MERW along with 2000 Ton Hydraulic KRP Press from SMS Meer - Germany.
  4. 4 Ton per Hour Iso Annealing Line with Gas & Electric Operation along with Hot Charging Facility.

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