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We will be 'The Best' only if you are 'Better than the Best'. RKFL as an equal opportunity employer believes in offering Careers and NOT Jobs!!

RKFL as an organization combines a rich legacy of carefully nurtured values steeped in a culture of excellence with opportunities for participating in new vistas of the Company's growth. The main success factor for the RKFL growth, are its' employees and talent selected for this exciting journey. RKFL considers its employees among its most important stakeholders in taking it to new pinnacles of performance standards in the Forging Business.

What is in it for you to work for the Ramkrishna Forgings?

A career in the manufacturing industry offers an opportunity to sharpen the saw of one's own emotional & cognitive quotient. RKFL compounds this advantage because of the diversity of its products, properties and people. RKFL nurtures a delivery mentality that demands an attitude of being quick and agile in terms of response time, attention to detail, operational excellence. Ramkrishna Forgings provides its employees space and elbow room for exploring opportunities to emerge as career leaders in a supportive environment.The safe environment of RKFL encourages its employees to be outspoken, to grow in self-confidence and this self-development journey which accompanies a career in RKFL become a self fulfilling prophecy for success and excellence.

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