CSR Initiatives at Plant 5

Under the CSR activity company has inaugurated the temple at Kolabira which is renovated and build by RKFL. On this festive occasion company has distributed 500 Saree to local villagers and distributed the Mahabhog prasad on navami.

Mr. Sibaji Mitra, Mr. Satya Prakash, Mr. Gopal Singhdeo, Mr. Navin Sinha and Mr. Somnath were present and successfully completed the program.

Learning & Development

5S Awareness Program : House Keeping Staff & Supervisors
Location - Training Hall
Date - 27.10.2015

Point Discussed

  1. 5S Concept & System
  2. Listing of Wanted & Unwanted Items
  3. Suggestion
  4. Improvement Project
  5. Before & After Concept
  6. Use of PPE's
  7. Safety & trier Implementantion

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