Engineering & Designing

Engineering Dept. Design & Manufacture Software

  1. Auto Cad : Uni graphics for Solid Modeling and NC Programming
  2. VERACAD for making Reduce Roll Design
  3. Forge 3D and Deform 3D : White Light Laser Scanning Machine, CMM For Forging Component Inspection are added features

RKFL understands that engineering success or failure directly impacts the advancement of technology and the spread of innovation. Our primary focus is on product design. It includes lot of research and product requirements interface with engineering for product development and product lifecycle management.


RKFL has planned a complete In house Rig Testing Facility to be operational from 2020 onwards.

It will help us to cater our customers' needs as an end solution to provide them with more opportunity to work towards Optimization, VAVE & Weight Reduction activity.


Engineering Capabilities


  1. Strong and State of art Press line for Axle Beam, Knuckles, Crankshaft and various other items.
  2. Strong Engineering team divided in all potential processing area.
  3. Good New Product Development team management.
  4. Continuously work for:
    1. Highest product quality.
    2. Customer satisfaction.
    3. Reduction in Development time.

Three basic process of Development

  1. Develop a part based on customer's requirement and help the customer to achieve satisfaction with their latest requirement.
  2. Optimizing the existing part using different optimizing strategy along with the customer.
  3. Work along with the customer to develop a new product using concept of changing geometry or functional principle along with material.


  1. Better cycle time.
  2. Better yeild due to reduced scale loss as our is with induction heating vs rotary hearth furnace.
  3. Uniform stock across the component due to wedge press concept & less variations.
  4. Padding during trimming stage.

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