Key Facts & Figures

Key Facts & Figures and Way Forward

Key Objective

RKFL believes in the principle of symbiotic relationship with the local communities, recognizing that business ultimately has a purpose - to serve human needs. Close and continuous interaction with the people and communities in and around the manufacturing divisions has been the key focus while striving to bring around qualitative changes and supporting the underprivileged.

Target Villages

  1. Bholadih
  2. Baliguma
  3. Kolabira
  4. Chaura
  5. Birbans

Target Population

  1. 3000 Village Dwellers

Plan FY: 2014-15

  • Q1: AMJ 14-15

    1. Repair of Tube wells in the neighboring village
    2. Medical Camp
  • Q2: JAS 14-15

    1. Programme for eradication of Malaria/Filaria
    2. DDT Spray
    3. Medical Camp
    4. Starting of New Sewing Center
  • Q3: OND 14-15

    1. Medical Camp
    2. Literacy Program - Adult & Students
  • Q4: JFM 14-15

    1. Medical Camp
    2. Literacy Program - Adult & Students
    3. Starting of New Sewing Center

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