Ramkrishna Chess League 2017(RCL)

Its a matter of immense pleasure to welcome New year with a new initiative & here we come with our Inaugural Edition of Ramkrishna Chess League(RCL) 2017.

Our heartfelt gratitude to our honourable Chairman sir for lightening the inauguration lamp & showering few words of appreciation to all participants . Also we would like to thank all RKFLians who have directly and indirectly participated, witnessed & played a vital role in organizing this tournament.

There were total 15 matches played in different stages in both the Groups. The Final was played between Mr. Sandeep Sinha & Mr. Deepak Choraria& finally 1st edition of RCL found its winner in Mr Sandeep Sinha of Marketing Department.

Thank you very much for being there to encourage & extended support and making the event a grand success. Hope the next edition will see a lot more participation.

Ramkrishna Chess League(RCL) 2017 moments held on 14th January 2017. Few moments...

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