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Ramkrishna Forgings Limited was founded on 12th November, 1981. On a bed of integrity, fuelled by burning ambition. Years of staying true to our principles and tireless endeavour has produced rich results. We became a limited company on 25th May, 1995 and today we are an organisation manned by qualified and highly skilled...

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Working for Ramkrishna Forgings Limited in an innovative and technology-driven environment is never dull. Initiative, innovation & integrity key qualities we look for.

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Breaking through new horizons...

Preparing for change before change beckons. Harnessing the power of innovative technology by introducing new product lines in which the new Press Line has played a vital role in RKFL's growth enhancement in automobile industry. The aforesaid event deserves mention as we are producing items like Front Axle Beam, Crankshaft, Connecting Rods and Knuckles for catering the various needs of our Clients.

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